How I left High School Yaritza behind & Faced 3 life-changing curly hair beliefs

When I look through my old pictures, sometimes I can’t believe the girl I’m looking at is ME!

I shouldn’t say IS, it’s more like WAS me. She is insecure, scared to show her roots, and trying so desperately just to fit in. I just wanted to be like everyone else. I used to pray to God to make my wishes come true.

“PLEASE – make me like everyone else.”

That wish never came true. Instead, He gave me ringlets, upon ringlets, that showed just how different I am. I would wake up extra early in the morning to be sure every part of my hair was straight so that my classmates wouldn’t see my true self.


I don’t know what was worse: that I was scared of what my classmates would say if they saw my natural hair, or that I didn’t know how I would feel if I let myself go natural.

High School Yaritza let herself be defined by her hair and the way that it portrayed her to be: Simple and Manageable. Two words that could NEVER describe me now.



Something changed. Today, I am a 23-year-old Yaritza who is striving to be complex and heard every single day!

IMG_4460 (1)


I’ll tell you the Top 3 Things that I strongly believed up until I went natural 2 years ago:

  1. Curly hair is unprofessional. WRONG.

I honestly believe that my curly hair helped me come out of my shell, which provided more opportunities in the workplace. It 100% helped me get the Producer job that I have on the Top Radio Morning Show in the US!! My hair makes me unique, personable and gives me a look that no one else could have. Every curl is particular and perfect! I never thought I’d ever describe my hair as perfect, but it truly is for me.



  1. Your hair will look like a bird’s nest if you leave it natural. SEMI-WRONG.

Okay, this one is tricky! My hair definitely has a mind of its own. I wake up some days and I have no idea what it’s doing and I’m diggin’ it, but of course, there are days where I have to wear it in a bun. Either way, it’s MY bird’s nest and guess who is going to rock it = ME!

  1. My hair can offend someone. PROBABLY BUT WHO CARES?

This is the one that truly hit home. This is what I was avoiding back in high school. Being pointed out and made fun of because of my curls. OH MY GOD! How wrong was I? I don’t even care if this is all I talk about anymore.

This is me.


This is me. My hair is part of me. If you’re offended by my hair, then you’re offended by me, which means you need to get far, far away from me because I will not stand intolerance of something that I literally should never have to change. Don’t ever pay mind to those that say something about you needs to change! NOPE. NEVER.

You are perfect in every single way, shape, and form.

I locked this into my brain over the last couple of years because it was the most difficult thing for me to realize. Like 3LW sang in their classic song, “Haters gon’ hate”!!!

Accepting myself and my curls definitely wasn’t an overnight kind of thing. I was just fed up with this façade that I was upholding for years – basically my entire life. I wanted to feel more like myself, so I started watching more and more YouTube tutorials that really helped my curls out. I got my first Devacut and the rest is history! I’ll never look back.

Now, I get to feel like myself. My true self. Unfortunately, I can’t say that God has granted me my wish to be like everyone else.

He gave me something better.

I look like NO ONE ELSE and that’s just fine with me.

2601-2018-100851338343224037-01 (1)


That Girl with The Big Hair,



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