“Especially Hair – Moisture Foundation” Product Review

We received the opportunity to share our opinion on Especially Hair, Moisture Foundation – Deep Treatment Masque, available online here. The company provided each of us with the product and we have tried the masque repeatedly on our tresses over the past couple of months. Read more about our thoughts below!


Overall Product Grade: A-

To provide some background, I have type 4 curly kinky hair. My hair is fairly thick and quite resilient. However I will admit that over the past few months I have neglected to deep condition it the way I should and could sense it was a little drier than usual. As you can imagine, I was quite excited to try this masque in my hair.

Especially Hair – Moisture Foundation is a gel like, thick consistency. I enjoy the scent – it is fresh, warm, with hints of natural oils and coconut. I tried using the masque as both a deep conditioner and a leave in conditioner, and overall was very happy with the way my hair absorbed it.

On one instance, I left the product in my hair overnight as a deep conditioner. I then used it as a leave in conditioner. The slippery gel like consistency eases the detangling process. My hair felt moisturized and soft when I separated the twists in my hair.

I also tried the product as a deep conditioner alongside a different leave in product. My hair felt soft and moisturized after washing. Again I was happy with the final result, and found the product could also be paired well with products from other lines. This could be a good way to maximize your use of the product, considering it retails at $32 a jar.

Overall, I am really pleased with this product and would recommend it!



Overall Product Grade: A

My curls land between a Type 3B and 3C. I have tight ringlets that get dry and frizzy pretty easily, but my hair is also quite fine – a unique combination that can be tricky to find good products for. Like Michela, I was excited to receive the Especially Hair – Moisture Foundation as I had been looking for a deep treatment product for some time.

The product was more slippery and gel-like than I expected for a masque/deep treatment, but it was thicker than most leave-in’s I have tried. The smell was very organic and quite pleasant. In fact, I received more than a few compliments on how nice my hair smelled after using it!

I used Especially Hair – Moisture Foundation regularly for about one month. The first few times I tried it, I used the product as a leave-in conditioner. While my curls looked good, this leave-in method left my hair really heavy and the product residue was too much. So I switched to using it as a deep treatment that I rinsed out. After a couple more tries, I realized the best application of the product for my Type 3B-C curls was to use it as a deep treatment for about 3-5 minutes and half rinse it out. I do this every other time I wash my hair (in between I use a different leave-in conditioner that is a bit lighter). I really loved the way my curls looked and felt after using this product. It restored the moisture I needed and my curls were shiny and frizz-free.

In short, I would definitely use Especially Hair – Moisture Foundation again – in fact, I am placing my next order very soon! I have also recommended it to my mother and sisters, whose hair ranges from 3A to 3C.


Overall Product Grade: A-


I have a 3B curl. When I tried the Especially Hair – Moisture Foundation I initially used it as a styling product. Right after the shower i flipped my hair over and combed the product through my hair with my fingers. With scrunched the excess product into the tips of my wet hair and dried with a diffuser. I would use the product again.

Pros: I love the smell – it lasts all day and I get compliments on the way my hair looks – styled, minimal frizz (I never have no frizz – let’s be real), shiny and soft.

Cons: It’s pricey (approx. $40) but I found it lasts long even with regular use – also the second day my hair felt slightly weighed down and as I used the product over a few days I found it better to alternate between using it as a conditioner and as a styling product


Overall Product Grade: A-

My curl is a 3A/3B blend – as seen in this pic:


I used Especially Hair – Moisture Foundation for a month and a half primarily as a deep conditioner.

The smell is intoxicating – a light blend of vanilla, coconut, and cocoa butter scents. Every time I wore Especially Hair, I received compliments on the smell.

The texture is very rich. Prep the ‘that’s what she said jokes’ because there’s no better way to describe it than: thick and creamy. The consistency is a cross between a cream and a pommade. You can feel all the oils in the product.

As Becca noted, I also thought it was a bit heavy at first. When I used more than a quarter-sized amount as a deep conditioner, it weighed down my curls. I halved the amount and I immediately noticed a difference. No residue and my curls were soft, shiny and moisturized. The masque has a luxurious feel, so I found myself looking forward to Sunday applications.

To tame the ‘fly-aways’ on my scalp, I used a tiny amount of Especially Hair and it was just as effective as my usual coconut oil styling remedy.

If your curls need some TLC, this is absolutely the product for you! Start with small amounts and then increase if you don’t see results.

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